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Christina Ciccone – Founder


Hello! My name is Christina 
Ciccone and I was born and raised in Russia. From the time I was very young, I was a dancer and studied an array of dance forms – and have been focusing on Samba the past 8 years. This has led me to my passion – the human form. I am intrigued by it and my education has followed it ever since.

Under the rigorous Russian education system, I studied kinesiology, strength training, fitness, and dance. I then relocated to Florence, Italy where I continued my education. While in Italy, I studied business and speak Italian as well as Russian fluently.

In 2006, I decided to move to the United States and brought my passion of teaching and training with me. For years, I had coached friends and family members. I wanted to help more people realize their fitness goals as well.

In 2013, I earned my personal trainer certification from a highly regarded National Academy of Sports Medicine. Additionaly I received a Fitness Nutrition Specialty, Women’s Fitness Specialty, Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Specialty, and a Kettlebell Training certification. 

This is when Movimento Fitness was born – a boutique fitness company that focuses on a real solution for people to get into shape. I believe that each person needs an individualized custom plan, discipline, and coaching in order to accelerate their results.

My main focus is on corrective exercise, functional training, and strength training. I specialize in women’s fitness and especially post-maternity fitness, but I work with men as well as the senior population too. 


I will come to a convenient place of your choice to train you, such as your office space, apartment building gym, home gym, or outdoors. Also I will gladly train you at any of the private training facilities – conveniently located in San Francisco – where I train my clients – DIAKADI Body and any of the three locations of Synergy Fitness Studio. 

For more information please visit their websites: 


DIAKADI Body – http://www.diakadibody.com/

Synergy Fitness Studio – http://www.synergyfitnessstudio.com/


Schedule a time to work out or choose a block of sessions and let’s work together to accelerate you towards your fitness goals!


Christina Ciccone – Founder


Strength Training

There is a legend from Ancient Greece that Milo of Croton carried a calf on his shoulders every day until it was full grown. In essence, strength training is intended to increase your physical strength. During a session with a client, I will focus on:

  • ​Assessing personal fitness goals and develop a plan based on ability.
  • Helping the client burn fat and increase health. It is important to remember that building muscle is a benefit of exercise, not the goal.
  • Providing guidance with Kettlebell Training. A Kettlebell weight is shaped like a cannon ball with a handle. It is believed that these weights offer a more rounded physical workout.

Functional Training

Functional Training is actually the approach Physical and Occupational Therapists use for rehabilitation services. The objective is to target core areas of specific muscles such as in the lower back or stomach to help build muscle and alleviate issues. I specialize in this to:

  • Ensure my clients do not injure themselves.
  • Give people an opportunity to develop strength where it is most needed.
  • ​Re-train clients if they have learned strength training methods incorrectly.

With hard work and dedication, I will help you achieve your fitness goals. It is my desire to inspire you to create your own path and enjoy the journey every step of the way.

I always have fun working with Christina!

We do half indoor half outdoor training. Since we started working together a month ago, I feel stronger, leaner, and more mobile. My goal was to get stronger and gain more muscle, and I feel like I’m on the right path! She is great at correcting my form and creating a fun yet challenging program!

Patricia V

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